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    21st > 22nd June
    24 Hours, 100 Miles
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This is the fifth year of the R100 charity event

What is it:

Team relay event, the circuit is 100+ miles, following the Cheshire Ring Canal loop, and will be completed across 24 hours, in a relay fashion by teams. The route passes by the Barclays sites of Radbroke Hall, Gadbrook Park and Piccadilly Place. There are 15 different sections to choose from, including both running and walking stages, and each ranging from 2.5 - 11 miles in distance - so a challenge to suit all!


To raise funds for the Petty Pool trust. Minimum target is £50 per participant including the entry fee.


The first relay team set off from Radbroke Hall on Thursday 21st June at 12:30pm and have a grand finish at Radbroke Hall approx. 11.30 on Friday 22nd June.


All Barclays staff and their friends are welcome to take part. You can either be a runner, walker, supporter or donator - everyone can take part. Teams are welcomed and this has proven a great team building session in previous years.

Entrance fee: £10 per person, all of which is donated to our chosen local charity

Let's make a difference

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Review and choose the relay section you want to take part in. Stages 5 is for walkers only

Challenge Stages

Challenge yourself by taking on one of these longer stages or even a night stage!


We are supporting one local charity with a target of £50 per entry


Format of the event

This is a relay. There will be a light rucksack which will act as a baton and be transferred from each section to the next. Every section will have a section leader who will act as the coordinator for that section. Every section, whether running or walking will have a minimum of 3 people. They will set off, together, when the previous group arrive and the rucksack / baton is passed across.

The section leader will ensure that everyone is accounted for.

Getting Prepared

  • Each stage must aim to start on time. You may go early provided everyone completed prior stage and everyone ready to go. Be aware if you arrive early you may have to wait longer before handing over.

  • Agree who is carrying the rucksack. This is the 'Baton' and holds many items including safety equipment and the trackers.

  • If you are waiting for the previous team you can check their location through the tracking website. Details later. Please check your device works beforehand.

  • Make sure you have your fully charged head-torch if you are on a night section.

  • Many sections are in residential areas so please respect this by making the minimum of noise and parking sensibly, especially when arriving after midnight.

  • Ensure you are clear where your start and finish locations are and there are some stages with directions that need to be followed. Please make sure you've looked at your stage in the printed sheet

  • Walkers: stage 5 - make sure you have some money to celebrate in the pub.

Health & Safety

  • You are running along a canal so getting lost shouldn't be an issue. However, if you are unsure then call the support coordinator as you are being tracked. Each stage has a specific route instructions to aid in navigation

  • Wear suitable comfortable clothes and trainers that are worn in

  • It may be cool especially at night especially if standing around for a period waiting for the proceeding team

  • You may want warm clothes to put on after the event

  • If running during the day consider need for sunscreen and a cap

  • Bring any drink / food you may want for during or after the event

  • Driving - be legal and responsible and comply with mobile-phone whilst driving regulations

  • A risk assessment has been undertaken:

    • Any non-swimmer or medically at risk person must let the team leader know

    • There is a first aid kit & whistle & phone in the rucksack

    • There is a float and throw rope in the rucksack

    • There is survival blanket for prevention of hypothermia

  • Night Legs:

    • Try to wear something high visibility

    • Runners to wear a head torch (test it beforehand)

    • Glow sticks will be provided for those on a night leg - they will be in the rucksack.

  • Use common sense - this isn't covered under Barclays insurance (hence the waiver)

  • Emergency's - Call 112 as this triangulates your location


Q. I am an experienced runner so can I combine sections together so that it is more of a challenge for me?

A. Yes - several 'mad' people add sections together each year to create a real challenge

Q. What pace do I need to run at?

A. Typically running pace is between 10 to 12 minute miles (see route sheet) but no-one will get left behind - it's a team effort.

Q. Do I need to be in a team?

A. Each leg is a team as such but you are welcome to create a sub-team - i.e. Your working group.

Q. Can I raise money for my own charity?

A. We have a nominated charity receiving 100% of the money raised and there will be the usual £4£ matching.

Q. Does all the money go to the charity?

A. There is a £1 fee per entry which goes to administer the SIentries website. Apart from small admin fees charged by Virgin Giving all donations received are given to the charities including all gift aid.

Q. How do I find out more about the charity?

A. Links on this page. Click through on the icons.

Q. What is the waiver for?

A. Whilst this event is being organised by Barclay's staff, it is not an official Barclays sanctioned event. Barclays will not be liable in any way, so you have to take reasonable steps to stay safe.

See the runners in action during the 2017 event.

A quick view of previous years events. For the 2016 video please go here.

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